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In the previous issues of artion magazine, but also in the coming issues, you may read:

  • Special Report about Holy Mount Athos as Patron of Orthodoxy, a presentation of all Mount Athos Monasteries, that is, the monasteries of Great Lavra,  Vatopediou,  Iviron, Philotheou,  Xeropotamou, Esphigmenou, Docheiariou, Karakalou, Agiou Pavlou, Xenophontos, Konstamonitou, Agiou Panteleimonos Chilandariou, Pantokratoros, Simonos Petras, Dionysiou, Gregoriou, Stavronikita, Koutloumousiou, Zografou but also in every issue a detailed presentation of one of them and of its history. All the sketes on Mount Athos shall be presented then, such as the New Skete, the Skete of Agia Anna, Mikras Agias Annas, the Katounakia, the Daniilaious, the Karoulia, the Kavsokalyvia, the Holy Trinity, Ioannis the Baptist (Romanian), the Lakkoskiti (Agios Demetrios), Mylopotamou, Provata, the Skete of Prophet Elias, the Skete of Agios Andreas (Serai), the Skete Bourazeri (Agios Demetrios), Agios Vasilios, Kerasia, Vigla, Morfoniou, the Skete of Agios Demetrios, the Skete of Agios Panteleimon and the Skete of the Annunciation.
  • Articles about the daily life on Mount Athos, Athos during the ancient Greek times, the Nika riots, the History of Icons from the beginnings of Iconography until present time, Mount Athos modernization, the Spiritual Movement of Hesychasm. 
  • Read also about the relation between homeopathy medicine and Orthodoxy and about homeopathy as an alternative medicine.  About the relationship between longevity and Mount Athos, and the relationship between Byzantium and Orthodoxy, such as the history of the iconoclasts, iconoclasm and Byzantium, the Byzantine Orthodox iconography and the Sacred art of Orthodoxy. 
  • About Holy Virgin Mary, the most beautiful woman in the world, whom we Greeks consider Her our commander and about Her Garden, Holy Mount Athos. 
  • You may find articles about the catacombs and Christianity, the relationship between Christianity and Hellenism, the contribution of Mount Athos to the Macedonian struggle. 
  • You may feel a scent of Greece, with descriptions of places such as Epirus, Magnesia, Phocis, with references to the roots of Greek people, about the communities of Cretans, Pontian Greeks, Sarakatsani, Vlachs, Macedonians and all others who make up the nation of Greeks and their culture. 
  • Let’s see why we need to be present and vigilant for the defense of our national consciousness, through unaffected reflections and by highlighting the spirit of Greece, which never dies. 
  • We highlight the prominent Greeks in Greece and of the Diaspora, the Diaspora which has  always helped the mainland Greece and the nation in general in their trials, through the general title- We the Greeks, such as Michalis Bletsas, Iason Spyromilios, Efstratios Skafidas, Ioannis Sidiras, Andreas Argyropoulos, Nikos Zygogiannis, Georgios Anastasiadis, Ioannis Iakodou, Kyriaki Angelidou, Olga Sarantopoulou, Theodoros Grammatikopoulos Giourtsichin, Efthimios Varlamis, Manassis Mitrakas, Sofia Tresintsi, Konstantinos Symeonides, Iosif Georgiou, Georgios Stavropoulos, Anastasios Zouboulis, Ioannis Tsiaousis, Maria Katsikini, Alexis Tzanetopoulos, Filippos Protogeridis, Michalis Psaras, Katerina Harvati, Dimitris Nanopoulos, Nikolas Christakis, Dimitris Trichopoulos, Stamatis Krimizis, the Metropolitan Nikolas who transcended the limits of science and devoted himself to religion, Avxentios Kalangkos, George Parthimos, Dionysis Simopoulos, John Zakos, Mike Lazaridis , Vassilis Angelopoulos, Ivan Savvidis, Anastasia Papadopoulou, Alexandros Nechamas, George Vithoulkas, Nikos Alamanos, Panagiotis Karkatsoulis, Georghios Pavlidis. 
  • We establish a route to the Diaspora, because the Greeks of the Diaspora are no longer strangers among strangers, highlighting the role of the Greek Diaspora and the debt of mainland Greece, because Greece is never dead, it is eternally betrayed, Greece is the soul that bleeds before injustice. 
  • Dead or betrayed? Greece or Barbarism?

 All that to give birth to a more spiritual outlook on life.   

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